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Here are the 11 best apps I would trust. To find the best spot, start the monitor app or Skype call. Looking at the live video will help you find the perfect place and angle. You want to see inside the whole crib. You'll need a good tripod or stand to secure the phone.

Some tripod has flexible legs that can wrap around the furniture. Also, keep in mind that the monitor' need to be close to an electrical outlet to be plugged in.

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To avoid strangulation risk, don't let loose or unsecured cord to your baby's reach. Don't try to mount it to the crib, place it on a shelf or use a universal mount to clip it somewhere. For more in-depth information, check out my article on how to safely Install a baby monitor in the nursery.

Like me, you may be still worried about live streaming the interior of your baby's nursery. Especially with all the stories about baby monitor been hacked. But there's no need to go full paranoid because the chances of this happening to your family is relatively low. With all the sophisticated hacking methods, using a smartphone as a baby monitor might be the safest option you have. Your phone as much more sophisticated security standards than a regular baby monitor. Same for your baby monitor app or skype account. Don't go for the obvious choices like your baby name or When learning about baby monitor app for smartphone, I was worry about the effect of the signal transmitted by the phone.

I was skeptical of using an app on my phone as a baby monitor.

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I remember seeing a 3d image of a person's brain when they talk on the phone or not. I could clearly see the effect on the brain from the cell phone. That's why I decide to learn more about the potential danger of mobile phone radiation. Let's start going over the main facts. All wireless devices, including smartphone, are emitting microwave radiation MWR. Numerous studies on the potential health risk from cell phones have demonstrated that kids absorb more MWR than the adults.

The Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure has published one of those studies. The research was conducted by L. Lloyd Morgan, a senior science fellow at Environmental Health Trust, and his colleagues. According to Morgan and his colleague's research, children and unborn baby have been more sensitive to MWR, which can lead to more significant damage. Children are more at risk than adults because of there body structure. With a thinner skull and more soft brain tissues, kids will absorb more MWR.

The unborn babies are even more at risk, and the exposer to MWR can lead to degeneration of the protecting cover surrounding the brain. Morgan and his colleagues recommend keeping a safe distance with smartphone, tablets, and laptops.

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Holding a cell phone at 6 inches apart should reduce the risk significantly. They also advise to never placed the smartphone inside the crib. As I did more research while writing this article on baby monitor radiation ; I can assure you that a smartphone is not more harmful than a standard wireless baby monitor. In fact, all wireless devices should be used with precaution and moderation. It's important to turn off the device when not in use and use them only if necessary. There are many benefits from using an old phone as a baby monitor.

It's cheap, it's easy, and you are already walking around with it in your pocket. From a safety point, using a free app like Skype can be more secure than the regular baby voice monitor. All you need is some cheap accessories, and you can keep an eye on your little bundle of love while being in another room. If you like the convenience of using your phone as a baby monitor, check out this list of the only apps I would trust.

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I will share with you the tips to keep your kids safe while letting them be the little explorers they should be. I'm a little bit anxious, and I'm trying really hard not to be an overprotective dad. They are the most precious people in my life, and I want to make sure they are always safe. I was so surprised how easy it is to use my phone as a baby monitor. Otherwise, what more can we expect from our old smartphone? Let's save some time and dust off those old phones. I will show you how to turn an old phone into a free baby monitor.

This article will cover: Why using my old phone as a baby monitor How to use two phones as baby monitors Monitor your baby for free using Skype Free baby monitor app How to set up a phone as a baby monitor in the nursery Is it safe to use a smartphone as baby monitors. Thank you for reading! Before we begin, let me first state that this article is meant to educate you on how to protect yourself from cordless phone eavesdropping , not to teach you how to do it.

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Eavesdropping on telephone conversations is completely illegal in almost every country in the world. Do not attempt it.

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The landline is still alive and kicking, despite all of the unlimited minute cellular plans that are available these days. Many folks still elect to keep their old standard home telephone line as a backup or for other reasons. Cordless phones , which were a luxury several decades ago, have become a must for people that use landlines, but still want the freedom to move about. We've become so used to the wireless lifestyle that the idea of having a corded phone seems Stone Age awkward to us now.

Cordless phone technology has advanced over the years, from primitive AM radio-based systems with little to no security features, to more advanced digital systems with built-in encryption technologies to help prevent eavesdropping. The answer depends on what type of technology your cordless phone is using and how much effort and resources someone wants to expend to listen in to your calls. Early cordless phone technologies were extremely prone to eavesdropping.

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If you still have an early analog cordless phone, then your conversations can potentially be easily intercepted by anyone with a radio scanner available at most local hobby stores. Sometimes your conversations can be picked up as far as a mile away. While your grandmother may still have one, most of the older analog phones have likely been replaced, however, there are some inexpensive budget models of cordless analog phones that may still be sold today that are highly susceptible to eavesdropping.

While analog cordless phone models are the most vulnerable to eavesdropping, digital phones are not completely immune to 3rd parties listening in. Security researchers and phone hackers have managed to hack some implementations of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications DECT communications standard that is used by many cordless phone makers.

DECT was thought to be a pretty secure system until hackers managed to crack the encryption implementation used by some cordless phone manufacturers. Hackers can use a software application and specialized hardware to eavesdrop on some DECT-based cordless phones.

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The open source tool that they use was intended for auditors and security researchers and is still included in legitimate security tool suites such as the BackTrack Linux-live security distribution. The DECT hacking software, combined with specialized and hard to find DECT-capable wireless network cards or universal software radios, can be used to intercept and decode conversations taking place on certain models of vulnerable DECT-based cordless phones.