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Why would Facebook Messenger be so popular? It became a chatbot platform, the one for voice and video calling, stickers and other effects which speak volume about relationships between people. In the European Union, monitoring of work stuff is allowed.

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Business owners do it actively, provided all legal conditions are met. Since 1 billion messages are sent between people and businesses, Facebook messages monitoring makes sense. Instagram joins top 3 social media which is very famous as a platform for cheating. This is why it is so attractive in the light of monitoring.

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Moreover, you can view photos and videos if they stored in Gallery , links to other sources, etc. To make it short — you can view all the textual content of Instagram Direct.

The app allows you to set the intervals of updates you will receive about messages a target person had. This messenger is widely used by businesses to connect with users and make them loyal toward trademarks, products, etc. So, text spy app allows monitoring how the communication is held and whether business owners need to correct the staff. Anyway, software is helpful in many ways.

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For the record, Facebook Messenger has as many fans as WhatsApp. Nowadays, more than 60 million messages are sent via both messengers. The same as WhatsApp, Viber can be tracked as well. The messenger is less used by companies, but more by individuals for personal issues. Everyone might face the situation when they need to use a text spy app. People want to know about others to make sure they are treated properly, not being lied or cheated on.

Others want to protect their kids, to know about their social environment. For the information, companies, corporations turn to monitoring as well.

Since this practice is green-lighted by the law, they do it widely. This is a financial sector which stands out the most. When accessing the Control Panel where the monitoring happens , you click on the feature and start reading. Usually, this material is very insightful — there are all the chances to understand if your significant other flirts or plays around. Very often, they say for how much people are close and even together. To use a text spy app to monitor kids, rebellious teens is a win-win solution.

Parents have all the chances to check the way they communicate with others. Teens might be hiding the way they interact with others. They can be bullies or be bullied. Especially, if relationships between parents and kids are not that trusting. From now on, they can get the information they want and use it for their benefit. Users can stop wasting their time for lame relationships or learn something that helps correct the parenting policy. What can I do with text spy app? You should also be regularly checking their gadgets for dangerous apps and conversations, as well as monitoring their social media accounts.

Ideally, you want to be able to peek in on what your children are doing no matter where they are.

There are several companies that make remote spy software, such as mSpy, and more. I've found one that's free and works on up to five phones, so you can keep tabs on all your kids or grandkids. The free app is called Phone Tracker from Spy Phone Labs, and it gives you detailed information about any phone or tablet you put it on. We have a link for you to download it at the end of this post. The Phone Tracker app uses GPS to track a phone's location, gives you a full log of all calls sent and received, and even shows you text messages and web activity.

This information is available online after you create a free account. Not bad for a free app that isn't too difficult to install. Once it's installed, open the app, set up an account name and password, give the phone a nickname and you're done. Give it about 30 minutes after installing the app for the data to start appearing. Phone Tracker is free and has versions available for both Android and Apple.

However, installing spy apps in iOS is no picnic.

Spy on text messages using FreePhoneSpy- make spying easier with this tool

In the upper-right corner, touch the " Information " icon, which looks like a lowercase I. Tap, " Send My Current Location " to instantly send a map of the phone's current location, one time only. Or just below it, " Share My Location ," which will continuously send the phone's location to your Apple gadget. To see the phone's location, go to your Messages app and find your child's contact.

Tap the " Information " icon and a map will display the phone's location.

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Note that your child can easily turn off this location sharing anytime, but perhaps a firm conversation about the consequences of doing so might encourage him or her to leave it on. Note : These features will also work for your Apple gadgets that are running older iOS versions. To get around legal problems, Phone Tracker puts an icon on the gadget's home screen and fires off a notification every 12 hours telling the person they're being monitored.

That's actually a good thing in most situations, but kids are resourceful. If they know they're being watched, they can find ways around the app.

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