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So, I ran over to my boyfriends apartment, let myself in we had copies of each other's keys and as I was going up the stairs to his room, I kept thinking, 'Hm, women's shoes! How weird. They hadn't heard me come in, so I just stood there for an uncomfortably long time. I ended up slamming the door behind me, running back to my apartment and was so upset with everything that I sat on my floor of my bedroom and had a full fledge [meltdown].

I was unconsciously hitting the floor so hard with my hands that my knuckles were raw and bruised. My roommate eventually came in and dragged me to the ER where I was then told I had an infection in my eye and had to get it flushed out.

People Describe the Moment They Caught Their SO's Cheating

Bad day. On their 35th wedding anniversary. She called the cops and had them both removed. My manager decided to let me out a few minutes early and I saw him being dropped off by another girl who kissed him good-bye and drove off. Turned out neither of us knew about the other and though we were dating a sweet guy not a fuckboy. We both dumped him and became pretty good friends.

I even went to her wedding in December. Life can be funny sometimes Walked in on her having sex with a guy 'I didn't need to worry about. Before I did anything rash I turned around and left. She was sleeping with one of our coworkers. Quit my job there, she made me cover the remaining costs of the wedding since we were within the day limits and ONLY my name was on the contracts. I moved away to college. She stalked me.

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  7. Don’t Take the Cheating Spouse’s Story Personally;

I put a restraining order on her. I got counseling. I broke up with him the next day. There were lots of comments from her friends and relatives, who were shocked with such behavior of an engaged woman. Now I understand I did wrong when tagged that woman, but I felt broken and wanted them to feel the same.

When I opened the chat, I found out they exchanged nudes and flirty texts.

I told my boyfriend what I saw and asked him out of my apartment. I am now seeing another man, who seems very nice. I dated the guy next door. I stumbled across him every day on my way to work, and one day he asked me on a date. It all started as casual dating, but we went exclusively after two weeks.

18 Sad But True Confessions From Cheating Spouses

We spent every weekday together, hanging out in his or my apartment. But that Saturday I decided to visit my mom. The weather was terrific, and my flight was delayed, so I got back to my flat.

I needed to save that day and forgot about the disappointment I had at the airport. He opened the door with a shock on his face. And then I saw her. His colleague, from another department. I only regret not having checked his phone for any evidence of the affair. Infidelity is indeed a disgusting thing a person in a relationship can experience. People cheat on their partners for many reasons.

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They may seek emotional support and understanding elsewhere, but not in their relationship. Facing the thought of your beloved one concealing the affair may be destructive and depressing. Here some advice on how to recover from the affair and live a happy life. Actually, you need to feel angry and furious to let go of negative thoughts and emotions. It can be good for you to spend some time alone paying utmost attention to your feelings.

Take some time to gather your thoughts in the calm environment. You can learn a lot by asking your partner for the reasons of infidelity and discovering what was wrong in your relationship. But sometimes it helps you to find balance in your next relationship and avoid making the same mistakes. STDs are not the type of diseases, which are transmitted intentionally.

Sometimes, people may not know they are infected. But such infections may bring severe problems like infertility, blindness or cancer. If you caught your partner cheating on you , the first thing you should do is to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. When one partner is caught cheating, the other person in the relationship starts overanalyzing and reconsidering the situation over and over.

Couples Led Astray

Also, prevent looking for details of the affair on social media. You start thinking about different ways how to make them feel your pain. Some people think if they cheat on the unfaithful partner, they will show their indifference to the ruined relationship. You may feel more miserable than before. Occupy yourself with engaging activity to stop thinking about revenge.

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  • Read a book or start watching an interesting TV series. See your friends and spend some fun time together.


    New activities and hobbies will displace negative obsessive thoughts with positive ones. Some people find it difficult to start a new life after they caught a partner cheating. Seeing a therapist may be the right decision then. It is helpful to explain your feelings to an unbiased person, who can take a fresh look at the situation. A professional therapist will help you adopt a new attitude to the affair that took place. Instead, letting go of the things will help you forget about what happened and fully recover from the affair.

    Forgiveness allows you to leave your negative feelings aside and move on with your life. You may not see those who hurt you and tell them you forgive them, but deep inside you should try to compose yourself, forgive the other person and open your heart to new exciting experiences.

    Revenge is one of the primary things would come to your mind if you caught a spouse cheating on you. Almost everyone believes that the person gets what they deserve. What did I do wrong? Maybe the karma strikes back.

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